Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is A Sporting Logbook

A sporting logbook is a journal or record-keeping tool designed specifically for sports enthusiasts to track their activities, progress, and achievements in their chosen sport or activity.

How Can A Sporting Logbook Benefit Me?

Sporting logbooks can help you set and track goals, focus on and monitor your training progress, analyse performance trends, and reflect on your experiences to improve your skills and results over time.

For more information, have a look at our 'Why ProTrackr?' page which explains all the features of our of our logbooks, or take a look at the specific products pages themselves.

What Sports Or Activities Are Suitable For These Logbooks?

Our logbooks are specific and designed for the sport/discipline referred in the product name and description.

For more information, take a look at the specific products pages themselves.

What Features Do Your Sporting Logbooks Offer?

Our logbooks typically include sections for recording goals, training plans, sessions, event preparation (where relevant) and training admin. Useful conversion charts are also included, along with suggested kit lists where applicable.

For more information, have a look at our 'Why ProTrackr?' page which explains all the features of our of our logbooks, or take a look at the specific products pages themselves.

Are Your Logbooks Suitable For Beginners Or Experienced Athletes?

Our logbooks are designed to cater to athletes of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Whether you're just starting out or aiming for peak performance, our logbooks can help you stay organised and motivated.

I Can't See What I Am Looking For?

We are always adding to our products, and have a long list of new products currently being developed to add to our offerings soon. Get in touch to find out if and when the logbook for your sport/discipline is due to be released. If it's not already on our list, we are very receptive and welcome all suggestions for new products.

How Durable Are Your Logbooks?

ProTrackr Logbooks are made from high quality materials to withstand the rigours of daily use. All products have a 350gsm Matt Laminated Hardcover, and thick no bleed paper between 100gsm and 120gsm thick depending on the logbook. They are reinforced with a double bound spiral binding.

How Are Your Logbooks Made?

Our Logbooks are designed and made in the United Kingdom. They are designed in house, and printed by a professional and established printing company who we work closely with to produce the high quality logbooks on offer today.

Do You Offer Digital Or Printable Versions Of Your Logbooks?

We do not currently offer digital or printable versions of our logbooks.

Do You Partner With Other Companies?

We believe very strongly in the power of collaboration. If you're interested in exploring partnership opportunities, please contact us.


What Happens If A Logbook Is Out Of Stock?

Although we aim to keep all of our books in stock, occasionally a logbook might fall out of stock for various reasons. Please send us a message and we will get back to you with details of when this item will be restocked.

Do You Deliver Outside Of The United Kingdom?

We do not currently deliver outside of the United Kingdom, but are working currently to expand our offering to other markets. Please get in contact to discuss your ordering and shipping requirements outside of the United Kingdom and we will investigate how we can fulfil your order.

Where Is Your Shop Based?

We currently sell our logbooks through our own website and through Amazon.

What Happens If I Order The Wrong Planner?

Depending on how far through the fulfilment process your order is, we may be able to cancel the order before an item is sent. If however, the order is in the process or has been fulfilled, we have a 30 day returns policy and can organise an exchange of your logbook for the right one. See our returns policy for more information, and get in touch with your order number to discuss your requirements.

What Is Your Shipping And Returns Policy?

Please see our Shipping policy and Returns policy.