Our Story

(Pete, Founder)

"It all began in 2016 when, as a complete beginner to Triathlon, I naively signed up for my first Ironman event. Optimistically giving myself a year to prepare, I bought a book with a training plan and got to work. Plenty of mistakes were made throughout my training and during the race itself, but on the day I managed to get myself round the course whilst enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

So it was a success right? Absolutely! But what had begun as a one off bucket list fling had turned into an amateur sports relationship, and I immediately wanted to find ways to commit and improve. Fast forward a few years and, having since completed many more shorter distance events, I am now preparing for my next Ironman race with an ambitious goal, more experience under my belt, and a better approach to training which I would like to share with you...

The key to unlocking full potential in any sport is to ensure that every session works towards the goal in every way it can. In a Triathlon for example, training well is only half the story - it also takes a solid race plan, trusted kit, and a nutrition and hydration cycle that has started days before the race. Embracing and managing these requirements early on in the training program turns every training session into a free opportunity to try out different strategies, of which details can be recorded and later leveraged to form a bulletproof race plan that will confidently achieve the goal.

With this in mind, I searched high and low for an inspiring logbook that would make it easy to record and manage all of this detail, and when I couldn't find one on the market, I decided to make my own - The ProTrackr Logbook. In its simplest form, the first version was exactly what I had been missing from my training - not as a substitute for my Garmin watch or my coaches plans, but as a supplement to record all of my unique details in one place, manage my process, and to keep me feeling in control of my goals. And it didn't stop there...

After many more iterations with multiple stages of user testing, here we are today launching our brand and selling our carefully crafted logbooks to you. In their current form, ProTrackr Logbooks have been designed to help users manage every step of their training, capture all of the relevant details at the right time, and to get the most out of every session. They provide beginners with a simple and trustworthy framework to follow and complete for the first time, and seasoned professionals can benefit from a clear format to record what they are already doing best. And they aren't finished yet; we are still learning, iterating, reviewing feedback from our users and improving the logbooks for each sport and discipline as best we can."

Our Mission

Make Every Step Count

"At ProTrackr, we're on a mission to empower athletes of all levels to reach their full potential, driven by our own personal experiences. We understand that training is more than just physical effort - it's a holistic journey. Our meticulously crafted logbooks serve as dedicated companions, guiding both beginners and professionals to set their goals, plan their training, and capture the unique details of their fitness journey. We believe in the strength of thorough preparation, ensuring athletes are not just physically prepared but mentally focused.

Our commitment extends beyond our current offerings, with an ever-growing collection of logbooks tailored to a variety of sports and disciplines. Each logbook is more than a tool; it's a supportive partner enhancing your existing training arsenal. Whether you're taking your first steps or chasing podiums, our logbooks encourage exploration and thoroughness in every sport, from nutrition to mental resilience, making them a valuable asset that elevates your athletic experience."