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ProTrackr Logbooks

Why Should You Use One?

  • Triathlon Logbooks and Fast Bike

    Bring Structure To Your Training

    Plan, record, and analyze your sessions to optimize your performance and progress over time.

  • Example Workout Logbook Session Double Page

    Make Every Session Count

    Follow a holistic framework to get the most out of sessions and make every step count towards achieving your goals.

  • Marathon Running

    Prepare For Your Event

    Use tailored guidance and tools to start preparing the detailed aspects of your event right from Day 1.

See The Features

(Note: Not every logbook contains all of the features listed below.)

Example Logbook Contents Page

(Example: Triathlon Logbook)

Tailored To Your Sport

Follow a framework that is carefully crafted for each sport and discipline to give you all the tools you need to achieve your specific goals.

Example Logbook Goals and Milestones Page

(Example: Running Logbook)

Focus On Your Goals

Set yourself ambitious goals and include some intermediate milestones to help along the way. Be specific with your targets - even if you just want to finish, having specific targets will really help your training.

Example Logbook Training Plan Page

(Example: Workout Logbook)

Plan Your Training

Write our the detail of your training plan to enable you to prepare for your sessions in advance and tick them off as you go to mark progress.

Example Running Logbook Session Page

Example: Running Logbook

Record Session Details

Capture all of the details that make the session uniquely yours. This is your opportunity to get the final 1-2% out of every session, by making the seemingly insignificant details count when putting together your event plan for race day.

Example Workout Logbook Session Page

(Example: Workout Logbook)

All Essential Metrics

Start recording all of the essential metrics right from day 1 on carefully designed and spacious A5 pages. Leave no stone unturned, and no detail left out.

Example Workout Logbook Progress Tracker Page

(Example: Workout Logbook)

Track Your Progress

Review your progress at regular but distant intervals to see how far you've come and assess your plan to determine if you're on track to achieve your goals.

Example Running Logbook Strategy Bank Page

(Example: Triathlon Logbook)

Stockpile Your Strategies

Summarise the strategies that have and have not worked for you throughout training. Use this bank of tried and tested strategies to build a dependable race plan you can be confident in.

Example Running Logbook Training Management Pages

(Example: Running Logbook)

Prepare For Your Event

Leverage your notes and experiences to put together a detailed and dependable race plan specific for your event.

Example Running Logbook Race Admin Pages

(Example: Triathlon Logbook)

Manage Your Admin

Keep on top of your training with tools to manage your distances, kit, budget, injuries and more.