7 Ways A Logbook Will Improve Your Gym Performance

7 Ways A Logbook Will Improve Your Gym Performance

The Logbook may seem like an outdated piece of kit, but here are 7 reasons why pen and paper is still the best tool you can use to get the most out of your training, both in the Gym and beyond...


1. No Distractions.

For those of us that use our phones to record our sessions, we all know how easy it is to get distracted... We go to record the set, only to see 3 instagram notifications and an unread message, and before we know it 5 more precious minutes have passed...

Using a Logbook means we can leave our phones in our pockets and stay focussed on the task at hand, getting more work done in the time we have available and ultimately maximising our results in the long run.


 2. Previous Sessions Are Only A Page Away.

Improvements in gym performance are based on progressively overloading our bodies week by week, enough to promote a positive change, but crucially not so much that we lose our form, overtrain, or in the worst cases injure ourselves.

With a Logbook, we have immediate access to the details of our previous sessions, enabling us to optimise our progressive overloads, and therefore get the most out of the hard work we are already doing without putting ourselves out of training.


3. Training Plan, Goals, And Session Records All In One Place.

The initial buzz of starting a new Gym program means the first week or two usually pass easily. A few weeks down the line however when the motivation begins to wear off, our routine gets tested and it can be very easy to start missing sessions (we're only human after all).

By using a Logbook that has our Goals, Training Plan and Session Records just a few pages away, we can remind ourselves why we started, what we are working towards, and what progress we have made so far. This is usually enough to help us find the discipline we need to see the next sessions through, and means the difference between finishing our new Gym program or letting it slip away.


4. Tech Detox.

We spend our days surrounded by screens, computers, and tech, all tirelessly demanding our attention, but our gym sessions offer a well earned break, even if just for an hour or two.

Using a Logbook means we can momentarily step away from our digital lives, whilst still being able to record all of our essential session details. They give us space to focus entirely on our workouts and get the most out of them physically, whilst feeling all the better for it mentally - a double whammy.


5. Focuses On The Metrics That Matter.

Many apps today offer advanced metrics and insights about our gym performance and progress, which are no doubt very interesting and useful tools if used in the right context, but they can also confuse and lead us to focus on factors that don't really matter at all.

Making progress in the gym is pretty straightforward - as long as we prioritise good form, eat well, and most importantly stay patient, consistent and disciplined, then the results will follow.

Using a Logbook to record our sessions helps us to track and focus only on the essential metrics (Sets, Reps, Weights, and Effort), keeps the process simple, and encourages us to remain consistent and disciplined in order to obtain the results we deserve.


6. Don't Risk Dropping Or Breaking Your Expensive Phone.

Dropping a 10kg plate on your Logbook isn't as eye watering as dropping it on your iPhone 14 XL screen thats now in 400 small pieces (although it does reflect a cool pattern in the right light).


7. No Battery? No Problem!

You don't need to worry about forgetting to charge your Logbook... (Although you do need to check you have ink in your pen).


Progress in the gym can feel hard because its quite straightforward and results can take time to take effect, but avoid the temptation to read into things that don't actually matter. Keep it simple, remain consistent, trust the process and the results will follow.

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